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Prince Harry shares details of royal residences in his book

Prince Harry has been accused of putting the royal family at risk by sharing details of the royal residences in his book Spare.

Harry revealed the location of late Queen Elizabeth’s bedroom at Balmoral and the precise route from the entrance at Clarence House to the King’s private sitting room, complete with the exact number of stairs.

 Duke of Sussex has been slammed for what his critics said a blatant violation to the monarch safety and privacy.

Dai Davies, the former head of protection for the royal family, said “only a fool would reveal this kind of detail about the royals’ inner sanctums.”

“There is a reason Buckingham Palace never discusses any detail about its security operations, big or small,” he told The Telegraph. 

“It would never expect someone with such an intimate knowledge of private royal residences to disclose such information, ” he said.

Harry shared several behind-the-scenes details about what it was like to grow up in royal homes. 

Davies called the revelations “problematic” and potentially compromising for the royal family’s security operations.

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