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Nothing heartwarming about teacher who can’t afford a car

To the editor: While it was heartwarming to read about students and families at YULA Boys High School raising money to buy a car for math teacher Julio Castro, who commutes from Santa Clarita by bus and scooter, I had to wonder: Why isn’t a math teacher paid enough to purchase his own car and not have such a long commute?

Teachers are paid deplorably, but YULA is taking advantage of their teachers’ skills and knowledge. You don’t need a math degree to figure that out.

Bonnie Porter, Los Angeles


To the editor: What a wonderful story of a dedicated teacher who was appreciated and rewarded by students and parents where he teaches. He now has a car to ease his long commute, plus insurance and gas for a year.

Unfortunately, teachers and other workers often spend much extra money and time that could and should be given them.

Mr. Castro, enjoy the car — and enjoy how much you are valued as a teacher.

Barbara Azrialy, Los Angeles


To the editor: We are supposed to find it heartwarming that a high school math teacher is apparently not paid enough to afford a car on his own? As the parent of a brand new schoolteacher, I was saddened by this article.

Risa Slavin, Porter Ranch

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