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Heatwave and power grid: Thank God cars aren’t all electric

To the editor: Let’s consider if this heatwave were happening when almost all of our vehicles were electric. Would the power grid be able to handle this? (“Record temperatures, raging fires, a strained power grid: California heat wave in full effect,” Sept. 1)

If school playgrounds are too hot for outside activities, presumably students would return to classrooms. Will those classrooms all be air-conditioned?

It’s time to look at the big picture now and analyze all our energy components and how they interrelate. A single solution cannot solve all the issues. There needs to be room for some customization.

Gretchen Hays, Pacific Palisades


To the editor: Your article on the heat wave explained how much we are having to scramble because our power grid doesn’t have enough capacity to support everyone’s air conditioner going into overdrive. Unfortunately, due to climate change, these heatwaves are going to get worse.

This is exactly why we have to work hard to implement the Inflation Reduction Act now that it has been signed into law.

As you said, the California Energy Commission is working to bring more energy sources online, but the state needs more resources in order to do this faster — resources that the Inflation Reduction Act provides.

So let’s make sure that our legislators take advantage of the law and get the resources that are needed in order to make the next heatwave less of an issue.

Nathan Adair, Burbank


To the editor: The world is switching to electric cars, and because of the ongoing heatwave, there is concern about the power grid failing. Congress can pass a bill to spend a few hundred billion dollars or more to upgrade weak areas of the electric grid.

The power grid is not a single piece. It is many substations and transmission lines. It can be upgraded in sections, and any money spent will not be wasted, since the increased capacity will be needed to charge our electric cars.

If there is money to forgive college debt, there has to be money for the electric grid — unless we’re really, really stupid.

Bill Serantoni, Thousand Oaks

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