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Demi Lovato to elope after inner circle expresses doubts at Max’s intentions

Demi Lovato to elop after inner circle express doubts at Max’s intentions

Demi Lovato has reportedly been considering elopement now that her close circle of friends and family have begun to showcase reservations regarding her relationship with Max Ehrich.

A source close to E! News touched upon Demi’s latest travel plans and revealed that the singer intends to travel close to finance Max Ehrich while he films for Southern Gospel.

Reportedly Demi made a “fun road trip” out of the occasion by renting an RV. “It’s something new and different and she’s excited for the adventure” the source admitted. The real reason Demi chose to undertake this little adventure was simply because “Demi doesn’t want to be apart from him.”

“Demi insisted on being with Max in Atlanta the entire time he will be filming. They are inseparable and she doesn’t like to be without him.”

Especially in light of the past slew of hate, her fiancé began getting through social media, it’s no wonder the couple wish to stay by each other’s side and offer moral support.

A separate source touched upon the duo’s relationship as well and claimed, “She is head over heels for Max and doesn’t want to be heartbroken. She truly cares about Max and wants to think his intentions are genuine.” Also while she has no doubt the past tweets were doctored, she still felt “really upset” over it all.

Due to all of this, many in Demi’s innermost circle wonder if he is the right choice for the singer, “People close to Demi have expressed that they are worried and are hesitant about Max.” However, Demi is “truly in love” and nothing will deter her from this relationship. 

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